• FarOutWest

    “Schools that want to convert to nonprofit status need to benefit the public,” said Undersecretary of Education Ted Mitchell. “If the primary beneficiary of the conversion is the owner of the for-profit school, that doesn’t meet the bar. It’s not even close.”

    For decades Penn State University’s ‘primary beneficiary’ were the wealthy donors, high ranking university administrators, and corrupt politicians who raped and destroyed young boys, all in the name of Penn State football and coordinated and approved by Joe Paterno. Penn State continues as a cesspool of depravity and corruption… activities as hideous and vile beyond what civilized individuals can comprehend…
    Penn State has operated the ugliest, most wretched scheme ever devised- football gods (now we now as devils) operating a 501(c)(3) for the sole purpose of grooming innocent boys for brutal raping by wealthy donors and high ranking university officials.
    So when caught, what did Penn State do? Hire Louis Freeh, pay pocket change as a fine, and continue their hideous activities!
    Penn State paid their pervert president $3 million in exchange for his silence as to the names of the wealthy donors who paid for their hideous and sickening activities through Pedophile State. Ped State continues to traffick in sex crimes, yet no one cares and no federal investigation occurs.
    Nothing happened in ‘Hapless Valley’ without the knowledge and approval of JoePed. JoePed’s home phone number was listed in the White Pages and through Directory Assistance. Why? When the Deputy Sheriff in Backwater County, Ohio discovered Penn State’s first string running back on top of a fourteen year old in the back seat of a Chevy Impala, calling Joe and forgetting the incident resulted in a pair of good seats to the Notre Dame or Ohio State game, or a Penn State scholarship to the Deputy’s child.
    Penn State’s ‘sanction’ was nothing more than a whitewash. Pedophile State paid Graham Spanier $3 million for his silence regarding the wealthy donors who received young boys groomed by Sandusky, Paterno, AD Curley, President Spanier, and Senior VP Schulze. Federal prosecutors should have investigated the pit of perverts, not Louis Freeh. Pedophile State was let off easy, and the world knows it.
    Jerry Sandusky founded the ‘Second Mile’ charity in the late 1980’s for the sole purpose of finding and grooming innocent boys for Penn State high ranking administrators and wealthy donors. Pedophile State’s Board of Trustees knew and approved of the hideous activities.
    JoePa is forever JoePed.
    JoePerv should be posthumously registered as a sex offender.