• Jody Smith

    My son has been in some form of detention since last September, and we have been paying over a 1000 dollars a month. We wouldn’t object, except for the fact that I feel like state law is partly to blame for his mental health issues. You see in Pennsylvania if your child has mental health issues, you cannot do anything. We took him to a therapist at 14 because he was smoking pot and shoplifting. Only to have the therapist give him paperwork that in Pennsylvania at 14 he was in charge of his own mental health therapy, substance abuse therapy and any medications. By the time he was 17 he was considered one of the major drug dealers in our small town. Our hands were tied by the state. We couldn’t beat him, or lock him in his room nor could we force him to have any type of treatment that he needed. Ultimately he was diagnosed with ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder, substance abuse disorder and ODD. None of which he got treatment for because the law is against parents.