• Cj Anderson

    Sigh I have to say from the State of Arizona. WE ARE NOT SERVING PEOPLE HERE WHO ARE CITIZENS! I and my agency work 60 to 80 hours a week with food insufficiency. ! in 5 children here are going to bed hungry, we have senior citizens, disabled people, veterans, that we STRUGGLE to help and thousands that we have not reached! I am all for helping others, AFTER we take care of our own FIRST!

  • Anne K. Scully

    I really expected more, but guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    WIth all due respect, the author is not even the least bit subtle in expressing her biased opinion vs. presenting an objective overview of the issues (which can include outlining both positions). Her lead-in paragraph validates this, i.e., “President Donald Trump STRIKES again,..The ban puts thousands of people in immediate danger…..”

    As an attorney, association executive and consultant, I really recommend that you don’t: (1) practice law without a license by making statements which are not supported by the law either because they are factually wrong or based on unsubstantiated opinions of others; or worse, (2) interject your opinions on your readers (i.e., any valid points you make are overtaken by your hostile tone and need to apply your moral judgment).

    Re factual errors: At the presser, Secretary Kelley (DHS), together with SecState and AG, noted the leaked (note: leaked) report was not the final, official document. Also,while the refugee program remains suspended for 120 days, Syrian refugees are no longer indefinitely banned. Would recommend you take a look at the side-by-side summary of the old vs. new travel ban provided by The Guardian. It’s excellent. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/mar/06/new-us-travel-ban-order-differences-trump-immigration/

    Re your legal analysis: If you want to read a high quality, cogent, legal analysis — written by one of the top constitutional legal experts in the US, who is also a very liberal Democrat — I would refer you to Professor Jonathan Turley’s most recent article (written yesterday). [See: https://jonathanturley.org/2017/03/06/trump-signs-new-immigration-executive-order/#more-110332%5D

    (Would also note that Alan Dershowitz, Chair Emeritus of Harvard Law School and also one of our country’s top con law experts, has expressed views similar to Professor Turley’s.)

    Beyond these points, as an association executive and nonprofit consultant, I believe that, given limited public resources, our first obligation is to help people in need within our borders–food, shelter, education, jobs, etc.

    I was lucky to grow up in a family, whose parents instilled in me the value and power of the private, nonprofit sector–and, they practiced what they preached: My parents helped set up and then managed the first food bank in Virginia. Through this, I saw first-hand, the level of food insufficiency experienced by the recipient families, most of whom were “working” but could not provide for their families. My parents also helped establish the Special Olympics program/organization in VA and both served on the board of and gave countless hours to one of Virginia’s 20 regional community services boards (tasked with providing the delivery of community-based mental health, substance abuse and developmental services). Again, I saw the program and funding gaps that could not be closed despite the efforts of staff and volunteers.

    As a final thought: While most of our country has not personally experienced the impact of terrorism, for those who have, it is an enormously painful experience. I lost friends in the World Trade Center on 9/11; two friends lost their children in Afghanistan, making the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. I would hope you can understand and appreciate this when you write your next article on this topic.