• Sharon Charters

    If your goal is to save the state money than this may well be an example of success. If your goal is to provide high quality care to everyone regardless of income level then health care is too important to leave in the hands of the private sector.

  • Janet Hays

    Just curious if – in his report – Dr. Loren C. Scott factors in costs to the State of criminalization and high use of Emergency Departments for untreated seriously mentally ill people after the privatization experiment that obliterated long-term inpatient public psychiatric beds. The report says people with mental health needs no longer have to travel out of cities to find mental health care. Maybe that’s because they are now incarcerated, homeless or dead? How exactly does that save tax-payers money?

    RESEARCH WEEKLY: Mental Health and High Use of Emergency Departments

    Also, is this compared to before Hurricane Katrina, or …?
    Insufficient data presented with no footnotes.