• Third Sector Radio USA

    I find it amusing when dogmatic business elites say things like “We need more philanthropies that raise funds by mimicking the tactics of Madison Avenue.” Madison Avenue may occasionally come up with marketing campaigns that are meaningful, but more often (these days) come up with ads pushing opioids, gigantic, polluting pick-ups and SUVs, and equating beer with America.

  • Please don’t fall into the trap of trivializing serious research. The “wife-and-husband team” refers to to Hudson, David, et al. “Emotional pathways to engagement with global poverty: An experimental analysis.” public opinion & foreign aid workshop, University of Essex. 2016. It describes an empirical, experimentally based research project investigating the problem faced by international development NGOs raising funds to tackle global poverty. It merits a proper reading: http://ncgg-new.princeton.edu/sites/ncgg/files/hudson_representationsemotionsdevelopment.pdf

  • Ignoring research that clearly demonstrates that humans respond to specific types of communications is counter productive. If the reason to ignore that research is because it is not inclusive of a full view of misery and need, one is destined for failure. Even in organizations taking a more holistic view, like UNHCR, that holistic view is broken down into consumable pieces that compose a strategic plan. I cheer for anyone or any organization doing good. If combining our efforts produce more, all the better. Perhaps asking for collaboration instead of diminishing another group’s effort would be a positive way forward for all parties.