• Mike Burns

    Real inclusion and diversity would first be focused on governance and leadership. What will now change about women as leaders of scout packs and equally important, as board members?

  • Third Sector Radio USA

    What happens when an organization becomes entrenched and does not adapt with the times.

  • Betterwould

    Money-grubbing move by BSA. Also insulting and condescending to Girl Scouts.

  • The name of the organization hasn’t changed – only the name of the scouting program. BSA is still BSA, but the “Boy Scouting” program will become “Scouting.” Cub Scouting will retain its name, but will have both single-sex male and female units as well as co-ed units going forward.

    BTW, girls and young women have participated in BSA scouting programs since the 1970s when they were invited to become “Explorers.” [In the mid-1970sI was briefly a member of a co-ed Explorer group focused on computer science.] The “Sea Scouts” and “Venturing” programs are already co-ed as well.

    Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) is adamant that they will not respond by admitting boys. They believe strongly that their girls’ programs fill a unique need for leadership development within a single-sex structure. From the GSUSA web site, posted on May 2, 2018: “There’s no contest: Girl Scouts is unmatched in delivering proven
    outcomes that set girls up to close the gender gap and position our
    nation to compete in the global economy.” See: http://blog.girlscouts.org/2018/05/no-contest-girl-scouts-is-best.html

  • Chanel Van Zile

    Regardless of board, constitution and all of that-Why don’t the two just come together! Boy & Girl Scouts of the USA.

  • Gerald N.

    Feminists have been trying to destroy the Boys’ Scouts for decades, and now they’ve succeeded.

    Any and every program that helps boys and young men have been taken over by feminists. I will never support the feminist boys’ scouts where the wants of girls are placed over the needs of boys under the guise of “equality” while the girls scouts are only for girls, the YWCA is only for women while the YMCA is required to allow women, The Boys’ Club is now taking girl members, while the Girls’ Club is only for girls, Little League must take girls, while Bobbi Sox don’t take boys, and the list goes on and on in the feminist notion of equality.

    BSA was once a place where boys learn to be proud young men, but now they are taught to be silent and spineless to the wants of women over the needs of boys.

    My three boys went through BSA, I won’t allow my grandsons, and I will explain to my grandsons the reasons why, so they can explain it to their friends.

    I will never again donate to the BSA outside of Wal*Mart or Safeway.