Lori Lobenstine

Lori Lobenstine is a Co-Founder of the Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI). Lori grew up in a family of community and union organizers, and decided early on that working with youth was her passion and her route to creating change. She was a youthworker for twenty years, in settings as diverse as classrooms, basketball courts, museums and foreign countries. Her consulting practice includes national facilitation work around diversity, equity, and design, as well as evaluation and documentation work for the fledgling social justice practice field. Her recent writings include “Social / Justice / Practice: Exploring the Role of Artists in Creating a More Just and Social Public” (published by AnimatingDemocracy.org), and “Spatial Justice: A Frame for Reclaiming our Rights to Be, Thrive, Express and Connect” (available at http://ds4si.org). Her new book (co-authored with DS4SI) is entitled “Ideas—Arrangements—Effects: Systems Design and Social Justice” (Minor Compositions, 2020).