Race and Health, and Doulas for Social Justice

This article from our special EDI series published in collaboration with YNPN helps explicate how racial inequities invade and taint every realm of nonprofit work and how practice based on affirmative consideration of the outcomes of centuries of institutionalized racism is necessary to begin to reverse its effects.

Toward Transfeminism: Moving Beyond Inclusion

This is our second article in the YNPN/NPQ series from young writers on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Make sure to mention the series to others, and sign up to be notified when they will be published, so that we can make sure these voices are heard and reverberate far and wide. Across a wide range of missions, movement-building efforts have become more inclusive of trans leaders, and this has led to an important realignment of strategies that address the complex needs of trans people—particularly trans women of color, who disproportionately suffer from the violence and inequality leveled at the LGBTQI community.