• Jan Masaoka

    Thank you for this article. Mergers of affiliates are typically done for the benefit of headquarters and are really closures disguised as mergers. As the unrelenting din from foundations about mergers continues to hurt our ears, this was a welcome article about the detrimental effects on communities.

    FYI this is true of corporate mergers as well. When Midwest Airlines was bought by Frontier, people in smaller towns in the Midwest knew their flight services would be deeply cut. It was done to benefit stockholders, not people.

  • Kris Hoellen

    97% of our landscape is still mostly rural in the U.S. separated only by the ever expanding mega-regions on the map (the surrounding white space on the mega-region maps) – meaning that a substantial number of Americans live in rural communities. Rural landscapes provide essential ecological services to urban areas. These communities face enormous challenges, are non-renewable resources for our history and legacy, and certainly deserve better than this article suggests.