• Tim O’Connell

    The dichotomy of “senior or affordable housing” is precious.

    Would the “senior” housing be unaffordable? Or only priced at the market (which for Marin would be quite high, I assume)?

    And why would residents of “affordable housing” be drug dealers, lowlifes and criminals? Are there no low-paying jobs in Marin – no Starbucks baristas, restaurants dishwashers, retail clerks? Or is it that the ferry imports those workers from Oakland or San Francisco for their working days, and then takes them home so that the suburban wealthy can be secure in their homes at night?

    Every region should have a balance between the jobs their economy provides and housing for those workers, even Marin. And there is no need for more senior housing – the existing wealthy residents can age in place in their suburban homes, with low paid in-home care providers. What is needed is housing for workers so the suburbanites can continue to enjoy their manicured landscaping and frappaccinos.

  • JF

    Well said, Tim! I firmly concur.

  • anon

    Mr Lucas might consider donating the land to Corrections instead. Marin needs a nearby minimum-security facility for its white-collar criminals.

  • Julie Stander

    There are low income seniors living in Marin or those in nearby counties who would enjoy living in Marin for the beauty, quiet and other various reasons. Many low income seniors work and the proximity to jobs in Marin would be helpful.

  • jill

    hola…..stay cool

  • Patricia Landry

    I was once on welfare as a single parent who lived in subsidized housing. That housing was located in a very fashionable neighborhood of Boston, The Fenway. While on welfare I served on the Fenway Community Development Board and was on a committee that was responsible for building new and affordable mixed income housing. I was also a student at Wheelock College earning a bachelor degree in early childhood education.

    Why is it that people assume that low income people and those that live in affordable housing units are under achievers, drug addicts, and up-to-no-good? I believe with the right archetecural design property values will not decline, and instead will remain stable or even increase in value.

    I was fortunate to have that housing unit; otherwise I would have been homeless. People like me enrich the communities we live in. With the economy as it is and with the middle class joining the lower income population affordable housing is very much needed whatever community it’s located in. So I say, “You Rock, George Lucas!” And thank you.