• Paul Jolly

    Great insights and resources, Simone. One thing I would add: some self-reflection on the part of the CEO and the board is essential, before the process begins. Many organizations sabotage the development officer by expecting him or her to handle fundraising on his or her own. An honest appraisal of the CEO’s strengths, weaknesses, confidences, and insecurities, and the board’s level of involvement in fundraising, will go a long way toward creating a successful hire.

  • Simone Joyaux

    I agree with you, Paul. The CEO and the board have to be prepared for a good development officer. The CEO and board have to avoid the results of the UnderDeveloped Research and report from CompassPoint. (I comment on that report in a previous column.)

    Maybe I should write a column about the questions that development officer candidates should ask during the interview. How does that sound?