• Linda Gola

    I appreciated that this article pointed out that the BoardSource Information is from a self-selected group. Perhaps this might be emphasized more. It seems that this self-selected sample of less than 1,000 nonprofit Execs (and many fewer volunteer leaders) might not be truly representative of a sector that at least counts over a million. In fact, the Boardsource report is based on “individual leaders who are a part of BoardSource’s network of leaders. ” This is a membership organization with a starting membership fee of $500.

    Which brings me to my point — how valid is this data for sector as diverse as it is? The idea that this report represents a level of “normal” could be misleading to all of us who work in the field.

  • Gary W


    I am doing some research on inclusion in the sector. My trends from my data reflects this. And in previous studies, this data lines up. So while you consider the sample size small (in stats majority of the times you take a sample and not the entire population), the data is still following what other studies are demonstrating.