• Thank you for the article Mr. Wyland! I have been writing in my blog District Deeds about issues regarding Trustee Foster, including this fundraiser for the last 15 months and I have a question regarding one part of your article.

    How is the fact that “the charity was ruled tax-exempt in 2009, but is only required to file a Form 990-N “postcard return,” indicating that its total revenues are under $50,000 a year and it has less than $250,000 in assets.” relevant to whether the fundraiser was legal or not? I assume ANY size non-profit can run a fundraiser but obviously not the way this one did. Is the purpose of that sentence to indicate that the non-profit was less experienced? Please let me know.

    BTW-I have linked to your article in my blog if you would like to read it here: http://wp.me/p4LD0L-DJ