• lynneakin

    So glad to hear Rick’s work will continue.

  • Tova Perlmutter

    There could be no better memorial for Rick than to follow through with his personal mission of investigative journalism and editorializing for a better, more just sector and world. I did not doubt that NPQ would continue this direction, but it is deeply heartening to hear that you intend to expand it. Thank you for all you do. May his memory be for a blessing.

  • Laura Stokes-Gray

    I know NPQ will continue to honor Rick’s legacy. You now have a solid foundation and framework to foster his courageous work.

  • simonejoyaux

    Rick’s work – and that of NPQ – must continue. Over and over I recommend NPQ to my clients and my students and my audiences. Over and over and over.

    Rick chose to work at NPQ. That says something about NPQ and that says something about Rick, too. Rick chose to speak out and remind us and yell at us when needed.

    Each of us can do something – and more than one thing. We can support the vision shared by Rick and NPQ. We can speak out in our own spheres of influence.

    I look forward to hearing more vision and more fighting and….

  • Barbara F

    Rick was a friend, a mentor, a role model. Smart and compassionate. Irreverent and kind. He always had something provocative and insightful to say – along with a wry sense of humor & a love of the Red Sox. May his memory be a blessing.