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    The term “too big to fail” is a relatively new concept, that doesn’t really seem to apply (unless one is a federal regulator). Even Donald Trump, who is ” ‘uge,” went bankrupt once, and has currently locked himself onto another track of failure. 😉

  • A science museum is a fantastic idea to help diversify Miami’s cultural offerings, and to help improve scientific literacy among people of all ages. I hope they have front and center an exhibit on global warming. Go to many beaches in Florida, and there are often trees growing in the ocean. Aside from mangroves, the palmettos and casuarina trees surely did not sprout there. A great way to see the coast, and, one of the best things to do in Miami, is to rent a boat through one of the many fine local charter companies. An excellent online selection of Miami charter boats may be found at http://onboat.co/miami-yacht-charter/