• E Wilson

    Stop reporting on political campaigns and/or donations any candidates have made. Isn’t Nonprofit Quarterly prohibited from such “news”? And, if you’re going to say Trump’s “event giving is eclectic and troubling”, then let’s do a study of the other candidates’ giving, as well. This is beneath Nonprofit Quarterly to allow outright partisanship.

  • ruth

    Dear E
    we are absolutely not prohibited from reporting on things like elections but we are not doing so here as much as commenting on a public figure’s treatment of a philanthropic endeavor. And in fact we have done a great deal of coverage on the Bill and Hillary Clinton Foundation as well as the foundations and private giving of other candidates and elected officials of all persuasions over the past decade or so.

  • V. Johnson

    Extremely disappointing to see NPQ make such a biased and shallow report which reeked of political bias. The Nonprofit Quarterly should be better than this. Made even more disappointing that NPQ did this over a Veteran issue.

  • Caroline Kim

    Non Profit Quarterly: i have been a reader of your site for years, and have learned from your articles, experience, and webinars. What caught my attention this time was not only the title of your article, but more so the brief descriptive statement:

    “Our review of the list of the recipients of Trump’s philanthropic largesse raises questions that OTHER media outlets may wish to PURSUE….”

    This sounded to me like an invitation to other media to serve and be encouraged as attack dogs. I surely hope that this was not your intention, as I am sorely disappointed to even see this kind of journalism from you in the full light of day.

    While you also responded to “E” below that you have done a great deal of coverage on the Hillary Clinton Foundation, I do not recall seeing much if any as significant “non-profit” issues raised during this current campaign. Perhaps, a similarly thorough review should have been written and published side by side about the Clinton Foundation. Than this may have been thought of as equally just and fair.

    If indeed you have chosen to be involved in the politics of the season, than it may be well suggested that NonProfit Quarterly deal even handedly or not at all–so the reputation and credibility of Non-Profit Quarterly can at least be perceived as genuine and not biased.

  • R Wade

    IS THAT A BIAS SHOWING? — I have to agree with “E” for the most part, your reporting is skewed. Further — The post is disturbing in that it is not reporting but putting forth a negative perspective that was unnecessary. I could understand the delay under if the pressure of the campaign, or lack of staffing to properly vet. However the insatiable appetite of the media seems to have influenced NPQ in what it is reporting.. Perhaps it would be useful to put some effort into an examination of how the organizations will use the funds OR perhaps examine how the funds were set aside for distribution OR request under FOIA the vetting documents. But in all cases REPORT FACTUAL INFORMATION and RESIST PUBLISHING ASPERSIONS. I’m impressed with most articles and look forward to perusing them, however, this article smacked of tabloidism.