• Heidi Shaffer

    My heart goes out to the women who have been re-traumatized. Many women and men are experiencing shock and need to process. But what happens when the non-profit work environment is not “safe”? We can’t assume that we are one big voting block. Being in a battleground state that went to Trump, there are Trump supporters in our midst, including clients, and male and female colleagues. At our agency we do not openly discuss partisan politics because it can offend or exclude. However, there are clues. Several co-workers wore black yesterday, exchanged looks, and had quiet conversations in our offices. Although it feels “off-limits” to work through our feelings openly and as an agency, I hope we will think of ways to bond and share our grief, anger – and our strengths.

  • Kelly

    These are really important issues. And what a privilege that so many of us in the non-profit workforce expect to be able to count on our colleagues for emotional support and shared values.

    (In most workplaces, political views are expected to be at odds, and discussions are discouraged. Re: Heidi Shaffer’s comment.)

    The key difference here seems to be that it’s not about “our side losing” – politics as usual. Rather, it’s about the fear and trauma this candidate caused while stoking hatred and unrest, and the legitimate anxiety about personal safety and civil rights many of us are feeling.

    Finding safe ways to process that outside of work will be really important, particularly for those facing significant divisions among our teams – which are accustomed to working together toward a common goal based on an understanding of shared principles.

  • Amanda Benson

    My thesis was about helping museum employees return to workplace normalcy after natural disasters and how EAPs (employee assistance programs) are a way for employees to address their thoughts feelings in the work environment. This can also be applicable to and event that creates high stress and trauma in the workplace. When you have trauma in be workplace, you have decreased productivity and are at higher risk of employee turnover.

    I highly encourage employees to seek their HR department and ask if their organization has an EAP they can utilize. If they don’t, it’s worth asking employers if they can create a time and safe space where employees can come together to discuss these issues. These kinds of sessions don’t necessarily need a mental health professional to moderate the session but it is helpful. Just being able to verbalize your thoughts and feelings makes a world of difference.

  • Jethro

    Thank you for this post. I am grieving today although not immediately threatened. We are tough and we can get through 4 years but the Supreme Court has a long, long reach and our planet may not have that much time. I am wondering why we aren’t hearing more about the environment. A President who does not believe in climate change – what is there to say?

  • GrandMoffSilvey

    Yeah, middle America threw the biggest legal Molotov Cocktail into the system to tell all of you that “Middle America is HURTING”. No one puts a microphone in front of communities of 30k and below. Our communities are worried about the basics while everyone else is talking about so called “higher morals”. I just drove my motorcycle 1700 miles across Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona. And, it’s now up for sale. The only big city I hit was Kansas City. There are almost 10 million more government jobs then their are manufacturing jobs. I just watched my town loose one of its manufactures, then watched three restaurants and a game stop close up.

  • Lhest

    Grow up people! It’s an election! And what is everybody so threatened for? The middle class or the “silent majority” spoke at the polls. Next election do something during the election cycle. The government needs to decrease and state governments need to increase. The Affordable Care Act didn’t help me, I still can’t afford insurance, but now I’m penalized. We need to stop giving a participation trophy and go back to doing what you are supposed to do to excel or at least. Kids need to be taught that work is needed to get what you want and stop handing everything to them. SMH