• Third Sector Radio USA

    Interesting that institutional elites in the system were asked to address the decline of institutions at the Economic Security Summit. The resolutions appear to be rely on declining institutions: teaching civics through educational institutions, rely on distrusted and fractured media to help rebuild a shared vision. Edwards analysis seems especially disingenuous, since his far-right-infested party has a major role in displaying institutions of all types as untrustworthy.

    Of course Ray Suarez, a most moderate of moderators, manged once again to sidestep a plethora of class-based statistics to avoid the the class warfare that elites have been waging, largely through authoritarian institutions, against under-resourced workers and the unemployed. He missed the opportunity to address the poll regarding which young Americans feel democracy is not so important.

    Resolving the wicked problems of today–including the loss of trust in what we call democracy–requires new ways of thinking, and mostly new players. You can’t make a car whose engine is dying run better by patching the old engine. It’s time to address the flaws to the system–the capitalist system–in order to save society and perhaps the human race. Nonprofits can play a key role, but not if we rely on the same, tired way of thinking.