• Jefferson.1971

    I have posted some comments on the this topic which were removed given NPQ’s rather juvenile political positions, but I will say if this nonsense continues, I will personally cease any contributions to a non-profit organization. Grow up. You are giving the entire industry a bad name.

  • Jodi Segal

    Very well reasoned and articulated article. Thank you for publishing it. I’ll be sharing with my personal network.

  • Vince in Grand Rapids

    Cyndi Suarez’s article reminds me of a caution expressed in 1967 by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. Be aware of the contradiction inherent in being tolerant of intolerance.
    The tension will remain and will become more and more intense as the “White and Right” learn how to cynically exploit the Achllles Heel of popular liberal democracy. That is, that there really is no good, stable answer to the question, Who decides what speech is or is not worthy of being protected?
    Yet we cannot abandon the public square and allow it to fall to the haters by default.
    Some friends of mine tell me that the most effective response to the provocations described in the article is to ignore those who would ignite the bonfire of civilization. Organize our own demonstration in another part of town and so avoid a battle over symbolic turf. I’m not sure that is a good plan. Are we not under an obligation to speak up? To demonstrate directly that we will not be intimidated and we will not allow the haters to intimidate the powerless? That we can be brave and face the risk?
    In fact, now is the time to walk up to the haters nose-to-nose and place a bouquet of flowers in the muzzles of their weapons.
    Next year may be too late.

    Vince Schumacher
    Grand Rapids, MIchigan

  • If you attend the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s annual Lobby Day each January in Richmond, you will see a lot of people openly carrying guns into the General Assembly Building while lobbying their legislators , and yes, some of those armed people will be black people.

  • Kai Eiselein

    As a journalist, I find any suggestion to curtail the First Amendment extremely disturbing. Who decides what is acceptable? It also opens the door for it be tossed back and forth on the whims of whichever party is in power.
    I stated years ago that both liberals and conservatives hate the First Amendment and would seek to weaken or destroy it. The left will do so in the name of “safety”, the right in the name of “security”.
    Banning hate speech does nothing but drive it into the shadows, rather than keeping it in the open, where we can see, and identify, the members of these hate groups.