• “This is indeed a sad day for the arts community in the Berkshires and the museum community across the country.” I’ve been going to the Berkshire Museum since I was a child and have taken my children there, too. Trust me, it would be an even sadder day if the museum closed entirely!

  • Gayle

    I used this case study with my graduate students in my Management of Cultural Institutions class. Our discussions came down to these questions: What public is this board responsible to? Is it to this community that depends on the museum for its contributions to the civic, economic and cultural life? Or is it to the long dead painters? Or to some potential visitors who might come once to see the painting? The Museum case is a classic ethical dilemma. Almost to a one, the students felt the primary public trust the board held and was responding to was to its community. And the idea that art given to a museum is saved for public consumption sounds great, but in reality is largely a fiction. What percentage of a museum collection is on public display? 1% 2% 10% It is sad to say but likely that most artwork would be seen more regularly by the public in a private collection than sitting in storage somewhere.