• Ellie Schroeder

    So Helen Mathews of City Life in Boston said, “The more that we can prevent speculation in the housing market, then the easier it will be for us to help nonprofit and community organizations take property off the private market and put it in community hands.” This is unequivocally a communist based comment. In the Communist Manifesto, one of the major tenants is to take private property out to the hands of the ‘bourgeoisie’ and put it into the hands of ‘the people.’ Evidence shows that did not work in communist nations. Buildings were overcrowded due to lack of availability of space because private investments was stopped – by the laws of the government! Buildings were not maintained because once those buildings became owned by the government (or in this case by non-profits), property taxes, a major source of funding for the government, dried up. Oregon has such a property tax exemption for charitable organizations. Oregon needs its property taxes to support government programs, so if, as Helen Mathews said, property is taken off the private market, government will have to cut spending on valuable and necessary programs, and will have to reduce support dollars (grants) to charitable organizations, who will then have to defer maintenance on their properties in order to be able to sustain their programs. Rent Control and taking property away from private ownership is not the answer, and it will only create obstructions to development of badly needed housing.