Report Asserts 43 Percent of Charities Interviewed Are Hiring in 2012

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March 28, 2012; Source: Huffington Post

Nonprofit HR Solutions released a survey that illustrates a promising year of hiring ahead within the nonprofit sector. This infographic denotes some of the positive implications for nonprofit employment in 2012:


One of the key findings in the full report is that the nonprofit workforce is growing. 43 percent of the 450 organizations interviewed are planning on hiring this year. Specifically, organizations from the health and human services sectors were most likely to report plans for job creation. Arts, culture and humanities organizations were most likely to reduce staff in the coming year, with 15 percent planning to eliminate positions.

Here are the top ten sources for nonprofit jobs, according to the report (with numbers in parentheses representing the percentage of respondents who said they use the source for recruitment “some or every time”):

  1. Craigslist (52 percent)
  2. LinkedIn (40 percent)
  3. (39 percent)
  4. (38 percent)
  5. (33 percent)
  6. Facebook (30 percent)
  7. The Nonprofit Times/ (24 percent)
  8. (17 percent)
  9. Opportunity NOCs (14 percent)
  10. CEO Update (nine percent)

An important finding in Nonprofit HR Solutions’ study was the lack of staff retention in the nonprofit sector compared to the previous two years. The report concludes that this area needs greater attention. More organizations also expected increased turnover through retirements and resignations in 2012. 14 percent of nonprofits anticipate an increase in voluntary resignations this year compared to seven percent in 2011. The report notes that, “It is generally understood that there is a direct correlation between the nation’s economic health and turnover rates” and the nonprofit sector is no exception.

This study also delved into the now-predictable theme of the increased popularity of social networking-based recruitment strategies. Respondents indicated that using social media sites for recruitment outreach has improved the quantity of candidates applying, lowered recruitment costs, and improved the quality of applicants. The report also examines staff diversity, an increasingly important priority among some in the nonprofit community. Compared to age and gender diversity, the report finds ethnic diversity has taken a priority in staff hiring in 2012. Asked about the greatest diversity challenge their organization faced, respondents were about evenly split between having staff that reflects the composition of the community served, retaining employees under 30, and balancing ethnic/cultural diversity.

Do this report’s findings reflect what your nonprofit is anticipating in 2012?–Aine Creedon