• Gayle Nelson

    Great article. After the organization creates an emergency plan for its CEO, it should do the same for the Board. For thoughts and strategies, read: http://gaylenelsonesq.wordpress.com/2013/09/25/creating-a-volunteer-emergency-succession-plan/

  • Paula V. Smith

    This is a great point for all nonprofit organizations, including colleges, to consider.

    A mainstay of risk management is the concept of “key employee risk” (the old-fashioned term was “key man risk”). It definitely bears thinking about so that backfill plans and cross-training can be put in place ahead of time.

    To learn about four other overlooked and important risks–written about colleges, but the points apply equally well to other nonprofits, see my “Four Super-Savvy Questions to Uncover Campus Risks” at http://www.preparedcollege.com/2013/09/four-super-savvy-questions-to-uncover-campus-risks/

    Thanks for clearly describing this useful mitigation strategy.