• Deborah

    I appreciate the article

    “Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Calls Out Philanthropy for Decreased Investment in Rural America”, working as a team is good to try to accomplish goals. However, if the nonprofit spends more than 5%, they will decrease their ability to grow and give more and more. The sustainable giving is part of GOVERNANCE. The government needs to learn that their administrative cost should not be over 20%. They are not sustainable currently and lack the governance they should have. Pension deficits, health care benefits which the public is now trying to solve ( pool insurance) to start and education debt next. American needs to lead to prosperity. The economy is the base that needs to change ,so giving can be better. Businesses are needed for job growth vs government jobs. Lead to PROSPERITY is needed!

  • Ann Rosenfield CFRE

    My most challenging work when I was a fundraising consultant was working with remote and rural charities. Rural charities face as many complex issues as urban charities with a fraction of the resources. In my experience they do a spectacular job stretching every last dollar.