• Mrovira

    A generous alum, devoted to the library, gives a huge gift and the university spends 1/4 of it on a video scoreboard for the football stadium. Is anyone else appalled by this?

    • ruth

      not really, since apparently he also spent a good deal of time watching football in the place where he ended his days.

      • jpenry

        I agree. He left the gift mostly unrestricted. I’m guessing he loved the school and not just the library.

    • Scott Dixon

      No I am not appalled by it. Universities’ sports programs provide scholarships for other worthy students, very few of whom will have the opportunity to play on Sundays when their collegiate career is over. It’s great exposure for the university and he was a huge football fan! What’s appalling?

    • Sharon Charters

      given that there seems to be no shortage of donors for sports related programs it does seem to be a little strange that the money wasn’t used to support the library or literacy initiatives at the university