• Matt

    some thoughts…

    1) I by no means disagree with you. IMHO, what NANOE proposes is not a good thing.
    2) Paying nonprofit board members is rare, and not “best practice,” but it is also not unprecedented. In my career lifetime, especially early on, I saw some legacy examples of this that were phased out. Once, in the 1990s, I saw a potential board member (unsuccessfully) try to get a university’s college advisory board to pay him for attending meetings. He was from the financial services industry, and took his model from their practices.
    3) As I read all the flurry about NANOE’s move, I wonder whether those who are against it are really playing into their hand. After all, their visibility and press seems to come from everyone who thinks it’s bad. After a while the chorus begins to sound (unintentionally) like they have a stake in maintaining the status quo, not protecting a positive model. I am not suggesting the “ignore it and it will go away” idea, but making a case for why the current system exists might be better.

    (Your Friend) Matt

  • Sondard1

    I fail to see where NANOE is as insulting as your title posits. Following their 12 identifers for capacity buiding in nonprofits (listed below), as a long time executive and now leader in nonprofit development, I do not disagree with any of them. Your commentary here and in your other blogs trolling NANOE appear to be more sour grapes and rants smelling of fear of new and innovative approaches that might (horrors) relegate your vision to the way of steam trains and water driven milling. There is not only room for innovation and new concepts in our industry, but also an imperative to support each other in the journey. Shame on NPQ for bashing others trying to help.

    Identifying factors explaining nonprofit leader’s intention to build capacity
    Acknowledging the sector’s failure to prioritize income generation
    Discovering patterns within the sector that promote enterprise growth
    Replacing executive directors and volunteer boards with strong CEOs
    Setting new workplace standards for salaries, benefits, retirement, etc.
    Creating financial eco-systems within private, public and nonprofit sectors
    Exploring how Associations, Consultants & Academia influence charity
    Codifying new systems that exponentially grow charitable enterprise

  • kaythegardener

    Does this new group’s leaders have any experience with ALEC or the Koch brothers, etc?? Sounds like NANOE is right out of their playbook…