• Third Sector Radio USA

    Absolutely agree, Ruth, and thanks for never letting up on this issue. Nonprofits can, and should, be more involved in politics in service to the mission. There is room for direct service and advocacy in nearly all efforts, but certainly in social issues.

    We can remember the old tale of the need for nonprofit service. We update it here to avoid being offensive.

    Several people were walking along a river when they saw a kitten (the original story involved babies, but a colleague reminds us that using kittens tugs at more heartstrings (perhaps unfortunately) than babies) in a basket floating down the middle of the river. Knowing there was a waterfall downriver, one of the people went out and rescued the kitten. Soon another basket with a kitten appeared, and someone went out to rescue it. Then another basket with a kitten appeared, and another, and people kept rescuing them. More and more baskets with kittens appeared in the river, and the people could barely keep up with rescuing kittens, when one person began walking up the river bank. Everyone else shouted to ask where that person was going. S/he was needed to rescue kittens. The person replied “I’m going to find out who is putting kittens in baskets into the river and ask them to stop!”

    Without advocacy, our work can become overwhelming.