• “This is what its like for a teacher to work in a non-unionized charter school.

    The Merit Prep charter school is Newark is closing its doors at the end of June [2017], after the state pulled its charter.

    Merit Prep just informed its teachers that they will not be paid after June 30th, even though the teachers’ contracts obligate Merit Prep to pay the teachers through the end of August.

    Merit Prep fired several teachers who spoke up, so the remaining ones are scared to say anything for fear of being fired and losing their June pay and/or being blacklisted for future jobs.

    Merit Prep seems to be counting on the teachers being too poor and too scared to take legal action again them.

    The NJ Department of Education has done nothing to help the teachers or to hold Merit Prep accountable, even though charter schools are obligated to have a reserve to cover outstanding financial obligations, should they lose their charter.

    Will the leadership of Merit Prep’s management company, Matchbook Learning also forego their pay for
    July and August or is the substantial financial pain only going to be felt by the teachers?”

    Source: Source: https://www.facebook.com/SaveOurSchoolsNJ/posts/1552578771441944