• js4020

    Smile Train assists children in DEVELOPING countries. Are people not understanding this or just so quick to become outraged because it is on trend. I know as a parent of a cleft child, is it heartbreaking to think your child could ever be considered a monster. Yet, we are all so lucky to live in developed countries where we have access to healthcare and live in a more accepting society. Take the time to consider what it must be like to be a parent in a developing nation where your child is never given a chance and completely ostracized from society. If you truly think Smile Train was trying to demean your children or create shock value to receive more dollars, then I encourage you to learn more about the charity and all the incredible work they do in DEVELOPING countries where the horror of living with cleft and being a parent of a cleft child is all to real.

    Yes, this mailer should have never been sent out and clearly should have been reviewed much more carefully. Smile Train has apologized and I know that is not enough for many parents who got their feelings ripped to shreds over a message that clearly was not constructed carefully enough but meant zero malicious intent to their children. But, if donors and potential donors are going to boycott this charity over a piece of paper and a mistake, then all you are doing is allowing children to be left out and vilified in nation’s where nobody else will come to their aid.

    • ruth

      I don’t believe anyone was calling for a boycott. At least not in this story

      • JLR

        Kristen Carr indicated that they would not get any more donations from her. It may not be a boycott, but js4020 is right — if donations stop, unless there is another organization that does the same thing, the people truly punished are the children in developing countries with clefts.

  • Beverly Payton

    Mistakes like this happen when an organization fails to “test” its messages before pushing them out in a campaign. Holding a few focus groups composed of respresentative of your target audience can help identify messages that may be considered hurtful or insensitive. This prevents embarrassing missteps and protects your organization’s reputation.