• Barbara Baughman Johnson

    Bravo! Thank you for an excellent article on the important topic of nonprofit finances and what funders think they should be looking for. How can we operate effective and impactful organizations when we are not allowed to spend funds on administrative needs including talented and experienced staff and current technology?

    • Allen Smart

      Someday this issue will go away and the focus will be on how effective non profits are in delivering services and/or elevating the voices of people that have no voice. Until then its important for non-profit leaders to educate their communities on the quick-draw accounting that allows for easy misunderstanding.

  • Jayakumar Christian

    It is a pity we allow media to get away with these shallow analysis and in the process set the agenda for non-profits. Media needs to recognise that accountability is a double edged sword; media needs to demonstrate its accountability to the marginalised after having jeopardised the work of non-profits.

  • David Patt

    This is so, so important. It just reinforces people’s lack of understanding of what we do. When I advocated for nursing home resident rights, people were surprised we didn’t pass on their dues payments to needy residents. They didn’t understand that their support paid for all of the advocacy work we did.