• Bill McCoy

    Anyone who characterizes unionization as a “victory” is a fool. I am currently lobbying for Right to Work in Missouri. Right to Work will set such biased decisions on their heads and prevent union thugs from molesting the 60 percent of workers who are fed up with having their pay highjacked to support the corrupt union leadership and even more corrupt Democrat party.

  • William M peacock

    I went to church with Trey Wingo of Espn in Greenwich ,back in the 70s , I tried to get him to do a ‘personal’ interest story on an Auburn player,Donny Humphrey . The purpose of the story would’ve been to show how corrupt and corrupting the system is now ( and has been for decades) and the devastating effect it has on human beings.I asked Donny’s roommate in college ( Ben Thomas) how Donny was doing , he said ” Donny’s in the mental ward at Bullock state prison ”
    I could write an encyclopedia on NCAA violations as I’m sure little Terri Bowden could’ve but he took the $800,000 to pay off his mansion and signed his soul to the devil Bobby Louder to shut up ! Pigs And Cowards are a plenty in the “Bible ” belt.