• jobardu

    It is actually worse than that. During the past six months the cost of almost all prescriptions has multiplied. There seems no rational reason to justify this. The research, development and manufacturing are mostly done overseas. Many of these price increases are for drugs whose formulation hasn’t changed in fifty years. The worst increase is for Americans since health care providers or insurers aren’t allowed to bargain for lower prices or take competitive bids. The co-pays for prescriptions I pay are more than the retail price of the same drugs in Canada. I didn’t even attempt to find other international suppliers.

    There are two viable solutions to this problem. One is for Obama to issue an executive order encouraging price competition on pharmaceuticals. This is well within the boundaries of the powers he now has. The second solution would be for a consumers reports like private agency to publish lists of quality foreign suppliers and their contact information. Insofar as I know the government doesn’t prosecute individuals purchasing drugs overseas. If the started doing so at the request of the drug companies it would be interesting to see the prohibition of competition in drug pricing be tested in a Federal Court.