• labattfartoui

    What happens, too, is that the richer group begins to buy up “income property” and becomes a new class of slumlords. My neighbors all seem to own houses on the “other” side of town. So instead of the poorer groups being able to own housing, they not only get priced out of the housing market, their rents reflect the higher and higher prices of real estate in their neighborhoods.

  • longtimenoogan

    These areas of the city have been “affordable” for decades, all that has brought was crime, prostitution, drugs and lower qualities of life for everyone in the neighborhood. Prior to 2000, southside was where you went to get prostitutes.

    Who cares about income inequality? So you mean the convicted felons who work at that disgusting chicken slaughterhouse in the middle of southside can’t afford to live in the heart of downtown anymore? Cry me a river. I welcome the beautiful restoration of our cities downtown area. The outskirts of the city are filling up with the exodus of downtown residents already.
    2 weeks ago I saw a billboard in the heart of Hamilton Place/East Brainerd advertising Bail bondsmen. Holy cow, 10 years ago you saw nothing like that in Hamilton Place. The inequality is and has always been there, it is just trading places with the middle class neighborhoods now.