• GeorgeMcCully

    This is a better article than most on this subject, but is it too much to suggest that we all think on the basis of evidence? Hillary’s campaign will not be “threatened” until evidence is produced showing malfeasance—of which none appears in this article. While it is excellent to show that the Clinton Foundation is innovative in philanthropy, it is not so to say that “traditional philanthropy is stuck”, or that CF grants have been “ostensibly philanthropic” when there is abundant evidence that a great deal of undoubted good has been accomplished. That impartial authorities such as Newt Gingrich, Rudi Giuliani, and the Republican National Committee make dark allegations unsupported by evidence is not a “threat” to the campaign, and should not even be reported as serious until they are substantiated by evidence. That communications between staffs of the Foundation and State exist is not evidence of anything but that, and improprieties should not be implied without supporting evidence, of which there is none here. The threat all of these pose is not to Hillary’s campaign but to the truth and to public understanding in a supremely important election year.

  • SophieB

    If you’re going to print accusations without evidence, you should at least provide some balance by including the findings of the issues already investigated–which have yet find credible evidence to support the ongoing allegations from the right. I defy anyone to do as much complicated public service and undergo such scrutiny as Hillary Clinton has and be found to have done absolutely everything perfect. Shall we take a look at how Donald Trump does business? Is it somehow OK to not pay contractors all that you owe them as a matter of practice and leave a trail of small businesses devastated in community as a result when it is private rather than public money?

    I am very disappointed in Nonprofit Quarterly for perpetuating this ongoing unsubstantiated diatribe. People need to understand the issues and know the facts–then argue over ideology all you want.

  • Eric Boyer

    Nonsense, you should be ashamed of this.

  • Zimzone

    I had to double check to ensure I wasn’t at Breitbart after reading this drivel.
    Seeing the AP make stuff up and call it facts is distressing, but seeing NPQ do it is disturbing.