• Jenn P.

    Mr. Schaffer- This is a great article! As a tax professional working specifically with TE entities, the difference between nonprofit and charitable is one I spend a lot of time explaining. When people learn that the NFL is a nonprofit things just get ugly! Anyway, I stumbled upon your article and just really appreciated seeing someone else reminding folks that not all exempt entities are public benefit organizations. Thank you!

    • Hi, Jenn. Thanks for your generous comment and for the good work you do helping to clarify the important distinctions that exist in the “nonprofit” sector. Everything we publish here is a team effort, and this article in particular received significant help from others more knowledgeable than me on such matters. On their behalf, thank you for reading our offerings and thank you for your kindness in letting us know your appreciation. Jim


    Jim I’m going to agree with Jenn. Nice piece. We need to keep getting the word out that nonprofit is not the same as charity.