• R Wade

    Was this article intended to be a double-barrel approach at debasing by including a certificate image related to OPINION related to Trump University and then to move on to the very document (990) that provides a basis for actually being forthright in disclosures which was twisted to imply motive and wrongdoing. If intent had persisted, wouldn’t the preparation of the 990 omitted the error.

    Apparently articles of this nature are becoming the rule rather than the exception toward bias on the part of this publication. No, I don’t read every article but those that do interest me exhibit a preponderance of bias by some authors which causes concern when reading other articles. Innuendo rather than a simple declaration of facts IMHO is at the heart of bias in reporting.

    I’m pleased to comment that the bias implied is not the rule of all NPQ authors. The editorial board/staff most probably through overwork rather than intent needs to return to the roots of journalism and be critical of published articles that indite through insinuation rather than providing a factual basis and let the reader thoughtfully reflect through their own lens
    Respectfully Submitted
    Ronald L. Wade

    • ruth

      we apologize. That image was inappropriate and has been removed