• Carolyn Saxton

    Council on Foundations has altered its dues structure so that many community foundations are no longer members including some of those that are the largest and oldest. This loss of membership translates to loss of revenue. It will be interesting to watch how the organization will be driven with new budgetary reductions.

    • gastonb

      COF had a robust set of programs for community foundations, including start up assistance and a separate conference. All of that was wiped out and all experts fired in 2007-8. Other than a certification program which has to be separate from the association, there is no reason for community foundations to join COF.

  • gastonb

    IS is in desperate need of a clear purpose. After the fiasco of Aviv’s huge money-sucking ‘policy’ efforts – that resulted in nothing! – the only thing holding IS together was a big grant from Kellogg, thoughtfully provided by Aviv’s husband the then-head of Kellogg.

  • g myers

    Good example of a rarefied inside the beltway focus….their statement at least leaves some room for hope. For 99% of the nonprofits in the country, IS is not a relevant or valuable resource. That can and could change. Last year when the 33 principles bulked up from its previous size, the small to midsized nonprofits I attempted to share it with just sat there with their eyes glazed over.

  • shirley

    COF just laid off a bunch of people last month.