• Konnie Dulu

    As someone who has worked in non-profit (501c3) my entire adult career (past 11 years) this story is enraging. After having looked into the FedForgiveness program, there are so many caveats and minute details not explained that it is almost impossible to have your federal loans forgiven. I myself and most of my 501c3 workplaces do not qualify because the workplace also has to be declared with the Feds. Not to mention that the 10 years of working for a non-profit must also be years where you are making “qualified” repayments to your loans….Don’t get me started.

    tl:dr- Worked my entire adult career in non-profit, will probably continue to work my entire life in non-profit. I don’t presently, nor will I in the future qualify for forgiveness. And even if I did make 100 changes necessary to qualify, the forgiveness clock starts now, meaning I would have paid off all my loans by the time they would be forgiven…

    Thanks gov. you are still useless for an entire generation screwed over by events and people we had no control over. Oh well, guess we’ll just keep whining about it in 50 years when the economy fully tanks and we can’t pretend our way out of it.