• Thanks for this. Just last week, I led a discussion on this topic for San Francisco Bay Area-based consultants who work with non-profit organizations. We explored most of the the themes you mention. The one thing I would add is that when government actions and communications are chaotic, it becomes that much more important for nonprofits to focus their message and mission and stay in touch with the needs of the people or cause that they serve. Given the uncertainly you describe, many people are feeling a “hope void.” Non-profits have an opportunity to lay out a clear set of actions that bring people together and focus the work that needs to happen now.

    • Third Sector Radio USA

      Focusing on constituents is our obligation. I would add that our obligations are not limited to the organization’s narrow self-interests, but includes how to be a good organizational citizen, and help constituents learn to become good citizens.

  • Janet E Rechtman

    I would add: votes are now more important than ever! Nonprofits have vast and diverse constituencies whose cumulative influence can be astounding. While we may not be allowed to organize politically (although there is some question about how the recent executive order re advocacy from the pulpit affects our sector), we certainly can encourage everyone to vote! vote! vote! for candidates who understand the importance of community.