• Dan

    And yet I protest. Turns out Nami and other’s were against this current Obama law prior to the latest Florida shootings.
    Someone needs to show a little true consevatism and say this: All this statistics blathering is itself nonsenses. There is no statistical way to know if a gun is right for anyone, mentally ill or not. What we do know is that we DON’T KNOW. So the 2nd amendment creeps keep horning in and keep making it so a sacred right is violated if we say no at first, even if we’ll say yes later with some time or proof of stability, they can own a gun. And then there is ownership. As if that is the real issue. Car ownership doesn’t matter if you are drunk. Why is mere ownership such a proof of anything? Ownership doesn’t control what you are going to DO with the gun. Waiting periods, background checks, make sense for everone. Even licenses, like cars. And no real stigma. Making sense is what mental health is all about.