• Laura H. Chapman

    Narratives are not enough. We are drowning in spin and stories as if words were sufficient to address the excesses of the Gates Foundation among others.

  • cb-king1

    “. . . no capacity to interrogate their own belief systems . . . ” By human nature, Gates et al HAVE the capacity to interrogate their own belief systems. They just seem not to understand the value or import of challenging their own.

    The operative word is “horizon.” If we think ours is the ONLY horizon, then we have already set ourselves up to ignore our “capacity” for vertical, and not only horizontal growth. It seems Gates (and the Zuckerbergs) rightly want to improve education. But I have to wonder what his own was like. If it did what it was supposed to do, he and those he gathers around him would be able to understand what is so obvious to the writer. “Sharing” horizons is not always such a good idea. That’s why we read philosophy and literature and other kinds of texts–we meet-up with those who might inspire vertical change in us by challenging our present horizons in several arenas of our thinking. We “received” in our history of thought a specific set of horizons. “What exactly were those in my case, and in the case of my field?” That is the question. If we don’t ask it, we are already working in the one’s we received. We are sleep-walking.