• usedkarguy

    Neither the Republicans, the Democrats, the Treasury, the Justice Department, the Federal or state courts want any homeowners to “stay in their homes”. The foreclosure machine rolls on with the above-named participants (as well as all these CREDIT COUNSELING AGENCIES THAT COLLECT FORCED FEES FROM BANKRUPT DEBTORS) grabbing all the government cash along the way.EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THESE GROUPS IN ON THE DOLE while the banks continue to steal houses with forged paperwork. Many ask “How can all this be forged paperwork? Why?” The plan was always to write loans, bomb the monoline insurers and investors, and force the Fed (read TAXPAYERS) to pay off the loans. These loans are dead, folks. Paid off. Extinguished. And the fraud goes on, The whole government workforce is invested in bank stocks and bond markets. This was very well planned. When the money is worthless, the banks will have all the land.

  • Terry Fernsler

    Goodlatte concluded, “For DOJ to funnel money to third parties through settlements this way may violate the law and is undoubtedly bad policy.”

    This is extremist libertarian claptrap. Nonprofits have long served as intermediaries. We need to pay more attention to the deceptive campaign practices (omitting their true ideologies) of those who want to ruin plulrality.

  • Valerie F. Leonard

    This is a great article. I think another area worth exploring is transparency in the contracting process. As a nonprofit consultant, I have applied to become a part of a pool of consultants to be considered for consulting assignments as they come available. My qualifications were kept on file for 2 years at a time, and I never got any notices of projects for which to bid. I did see occasional postings on the website. I have made telephone and email inquiries about the process over the years and have never received a response. It would be helpful to have the successful contractors and awards posted on the website, as well as the database of qualified contractors. The lack of transparency and current practice creates an environment in which the alleged abuses cited in the article and other sources can continue.