• Travler

    Before coming to the conclusion that what the President suspects there are imaginary voters is untrue, maybe you need to look deeper into that issue. Many now deceased voters (mostly retired ones) who were registered to vote as “Absentees”, have ballots still arriving at their last-known addresses. I know this because I received 2 Absentee Ballots for people that had already passed. It appears that the Registrar of Voters is not aware of this information that the person is deceased. Some unscrupulous people can very well make use of those absentee ballots and vote for the candidate of their choice, with nobody verifying that the person is, in fact, alive to vote. Requesting Photo ID for people who vote at their designated precincts is fine for that manner of voting, but, what about the absentee ones?

  • Iwasonemore

    Just in CA alone – there are records of millions of non-citizens who retroactively Gov. Brown coaleced the “county supervisors” and local board decisions (started in SF re illegals have kids in schools and should be allowed to vote for local school boards… right prior to the 2008 election) who have/had been given permission to vote “locally,” per Admin Codes instilled into voter laws; that were registered and did vote in both local and national elections – last three elections. They were not given a separate ballot that distinguished the “local admin decisions” to allow them to vote in those local/regional/morphed into “state” elections… and the did vote nationally – for Congressional and the Presidential race. Brown’s retroactive blanket law stated that he was relying on their “honesty” that they would not vote in the national elections; and only fill out the parts of the ballots that pertained to their local community(ies). In fact, throughout the time this “voters registration” period began and up and through the 2016 election, SEIU and non-profit and illegal alien rights groups held registration drives outside of many businesses and state and local (and CA DMV) locations. All registrants required translators/bilingual paid and unpaid workers to process them through lines of literally filled out voter registration forms, already filled in with fake names and addresses, and (witnessed) each of those non-citizen registrants be guided through multiple already filled in forms – at one table they were guided through signing eight separate registration records(!) to vote in CA. This happened in every county.

    Whether you want to believe they did vote in the national election(s) or not – the process in which the state illegally obtained non-citizen voters to vote in our national (and state) elections is absolute proof that the President’s commission is a necessity to protect the integrity/outcome(s) of the United States election process – for which no law on the books or imagined states, “non-citizens are legally able to vote for our representatives.

    Those “fake laws” that originated in counties in CA, later retroactively ratified by Governor Brown, and upheld/obstructed by then AG Harris were pipelined around the country – and “some” not all states – in fact, exactly 14 states – adopted those fake laws as actual law and instituted the Admin Code Brown/Harris fraudulently inserted into our voting laws into their own.

    The scam was to be completed “when” Clinton was elected – those fake laws would be upheld – with the help of her “appointed” new SCOTUS Justice – and also one of the contentions that has caused the Dems great panic – and thus, their fraudulent actions against our President, President Donald J. Trump, in many corrupt ways to intimidate him and attempt to steer public opinion away from supporting him to protect their own criminal activities from surfacing.

    There is no “imaginary” voter fraud – the fraud is real.

    Now that “this” game has been thwarted because Hillary didn’t win; the Dems are now attempting to redistrict the entire US voting districts to match where they placed the “immigrants” they bused around to gain political control in areas needed to complete their crime. The absentee voting system and using death certificates to illegally reuse dead peoples’ identities for both voting fraudulantly and also gaining those “immigrants” taxpayer paid for welfare has also been crimminalized by the Dems/DNC – and all of the absentee voter registrations need to be checked to insure “your grandmother” isn’t still voting – this time, she moved from NJ to Idaho – though she’s been deceased for four years.

    There is no more “conclusion” to debate. The damage has been done. It was planned and purposeful.