• Allen Baldwin

    I was disappointed to see no comment about the organization’s “farm system”; growing your own as a succession strategy. We have more than one staff member fully capable of becoming the Executive Director. The board just approved a succession plan addendum that replaced the existing E.D. (me) at the end of 2013 with the current Deputy Executive Director who has been managing the company for the past couple of years with me as a mentor/counselor.

    This process gives our partners confidence in our future and enables a seamless transition.

    There are many iterations of a succession plan. This is one.

  • Regina Birdsell

    Congratulations for pointing out that one of the biggest barriers is not lack of time or money but committing to intentional leadership development, small steps matter. Everyone in the organization, most likely, has something they would like to see improved and if they are given the chance to propose and potentially implement a solution you have started developing a leader.