Job Opening

Daily News Editor

NPQ is looking for a staff person with a superb capacity to curate news affecting nonprofits, philanthropy, and the U.S. civil sector more broadly to take charge of the daily news function at NPQ. The job is something akin to the city editor at a newspaper.

The NPQ newswire publishes a daily digital send-out of stories that track the policies, practices, and politics affecting the work of the civil sector. The position requires a deep knowledge of the dynamics, makeup, and history of the nonprofit and philanthropic sector and familiarity with its sub-fields (community organizing, arts, housing, education, etc.). Ideally, that knowledge will be drawn from a combination of practice and research.

The job entails working with lay-journalists to produce a slate of stories each day that will inform the work of nonprofit and philanthropic practitioners. Among the responsibilities will be selecting the stories to be covered, helping to frame them, editing them for substance, and connecting them into streams of content. The position will also be responsible for approving the daily send-out and a certain amount of writing/content production.

Knowledge bases required for the job:

  • Current and nuanced understanding of management and governance issues in U.S. nonprofits;
  • Understanding of movement dynamics and history;
  • Grounding in research on philanthropy and giving;
  • Understanding of history and dynamics of major sub-sectors;
  • Familiarity with sectoral research;
  • Familiarity with nonprofit and other management theory;
  • Some familiarity with the nonprofit policy and enforcement environment;
  • Understanding of journalistic standards and ethics.

Preferred areas of knowledge:

  • Some familiarity with the civil sector internationally.

Required skills:

  • Excellent use of critical thinking skills;
  • Excellent “framing” skills;
  • Excellent writing skills;
  • Excellent editing skills (not copy editing);
  • Good interviewing skills;
  • Excellent time management;
  • Good lay research skills.


  • Belief in citizen action as the basis for a strong and equitable democracy;
  • Hard-working, deadline-driven, perfectionist.

This position requires some odd hours, in that we observe a 24-hour work cycle from story identification to send-out. The DNE will work closely with the editor in chief, the community builder who manages the volunteer writers, and the online editor. The EIC is the immediate supervisor.

NPQ is a team-based environment with all staff attending cooperatively to the quality of the end product. It is also highly dependent on the skilled and knowledgeable volunteers who write for us. The ability to work comfortably in this kind of environment is critical.

Salary and benefits are competitive.

Please send cover letter and resume to




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