• Gayle

    Thanks for this, Ruth: “We realize our prescriptions for this hardworking sector would have ended up favoring the well-capitalized and that there would be a necessary winnowing in all of that—a marginalization of the less well funded, a starving of the ordinary heroes that inhabit every community and the anointing of stars.”

  • Mazarine

    YEP! Thanks for writing this Ruth! I wrote about how impact philanthropy is insulting a couple years ago now.

    Glad they’re finally admitting it!

  • simonejoyaux

    Sooooooooo frustrating. Thanks, Ruth, for kicking some butt about the bad directions so many keep giving to the NGO sector. Reminds me of philanthrocapitalism and all the very very wealthy who think they know all the answers…And the social entrepreneurs who know all the rest of the answers…And….!!! I recommend that EVERYONE read Michael Edwards’ marvelous book SMALL CHANGE: WHY BUSINESS WON’T CHANGE THE WORLD. A good start to questioning and examining and…