• kurt

    How does one report fraud in a non-profit organization and who does one report it to?

  • Kate

    At our organization, we dealt with this process in our Code of Ethics. A long-time trustee was designated as the compliance officer with whom a complaint could be lodged. The code of ethics is signed by each staff member at hire, and each trustee upon assumption of a board position. Of course, this doesn’t solve everything, but it does give the whistleblower a place to start. One also assumes that the leadership of the organization is committed to the highest standard of ethics, and will do what it takes to pursue violations.

  • Ivan Daskleiben

    Who do I report a possibly fraudlent
    non-profit to? I have been given some information and need to act on it..

    Please advise as soon as possible..

  • uglyduggly1

    what are the penalties for theft from a nonprofit and is there a statute of limitations in colorado?

  • Donnie

    In my close to 21 years of employment within the non-profit and or not-for-profit employment setting, mainly agencies that are designed to help various individuals and families who experience various hardships that hinder their lives, I have sen more “stealing” of funds and donated goods then I care to even think about. There are various ways to steal from non-profits, including falsifying a time sheet, taking donations, including cash donations.

    I chose the field of working within non-profits to make a positive impact on those served. However as mentioned, I have seen a shocking amount of donations and cash stolen that it concerns mo to a point where I don’t want to work in a non-profit setting.

    What is so alarming is that a majority of the stealing is by higher-up officials who are actually “asking’ the public for the donations.

  • Doug Pearson

    Hello Ivan, it depends. What state are you in? Some state AG Charity oversight offices investigate this activity, but the bulk of the activity is investigated at the local or state law enforcement level. Some larger cases, or cases involving significant federal funds have been handled at the federal level (FBI, OIG Offices, IRS, etc).

  • Dora Hinojosa

    Very interesting…yet it doesn’t surprised me..there are many forms of “legaly” stealing from non profits.
    1. Use large amount of money for marketing to gain personal fame.
    2. Using exgerated ammount of money marketing services we do not provide
    3. Spending more money on marketing than in services to community, and forget about the true beneficiaries and mission of the agency
    4.often promotions and salary increase for the “clan” only

    Pay ridiculous salaries to poor employees who perform more than one job tittle to save money for marketing their own vanity.

  • Dora Hinojosa

    I am Dora Hinojosa and i did not write this comment, unless there is another Dora Hinojosa. Please remove that comment

  • jack robinson

    football stealing from kids change family memeber takreing over voting with out all the boadmember useing hih police badge to scare coaches

  • Joyce Drayton

    I need information on pursuing external fraud on our mom profit. We suspect persons having fundraisers under our name and collecting money under our name. What recourse do we pursue in Pennsylvania? How do we prevent further fraudulent attempts

  • RobinRosenblatt

    Stealing from a nonprofit that helps others is a sin.