• Gretchen

    As someone entering into the non-profit sector I think organizations that showcase the willingness to adopt the newer trends, whether social media or data metrics, are much more attractive to young people looking to enter the public sector. It’s great to know that the tech skills we have growing up in this age will make us more attractive to non-profits.

  • jeff

    A sure fire way for anyone in the NFP sector to guarantee they are still doing good in 2020 – check out the difference that individuals can make – http://www.beniceandgrowfamous.com – jeff

  • Viv Slack

    Working in technology and starting to build connections with others that want to do more good, i’d say one thing that non profits could do to make a big difference is just tell us what you need help with!

    I know some brilliant passionate data people, devs and analysts that want to make a greater social impact, but the most visible avenues to work are standard jobs in for profit companies, or digital marketing agencies.

    I’ve thought about setting up freelance to help non profits and social enterprises with getting better solutions, but how do we make the bridge into that world and find the organisations that need help? http://objectivesfirst.com

  • Christopher Aiken

    This article was helpful for my upcoming interview with a national nonprofit company in Colorado Springs. The types of talent nonprofits aim to attract and retain are changing like you said not only demographically, but in values and tech-saavy skill sets. Thanks again for your post!