• Tania

    Wow! I connected with so much of this article. I spent the majority of my life growing up in Europe and though both my parents are American, I relate to a lot of what you are saying. I am a student pursuing my passions to make meaningful connections and fundraising is just as you say, not about the money. I would love to learn more about your story.


  • Alex Pinfold


    Thank you for sharing this lovely two-part column. This is an excellent reminder of the importance of dialogue as the route of change…Stories are the way to the heart, be it showing ours or seeing an other’s…

    I really enjoyed reading your article and hearing your story. Are you a regular columnist for NPQ?

    Kind thanks,

    Alex Pinfold.
    Co-Founder & Director
    Forever MicroRanch Sanctuary

  • Wendy Zufelt-Baxter

    Simone you teachings from years ago at Saint Mary’s and your ongoing reminders through such articles, serve to motivate, inspire and challenge us not only professionally, but personally. The sign of a great teacher and mentor. Again, much thanks.
    Wendy Zufelt-Baxter
    Vice President Advancement
    Shad Valley International

  • Simone Joyaux

    Hello, Tania and Alex.

    Thanks for your kind words about this 4-part story in my column “Unraveling Development.”

    I’ve been writing this online column for NPQ since 2009. I also have written 3 or 4 articles published in NPQ’s print version over the years. You can check the archives through NPQ.

    For more of my writing, visit my website, http://www.simonejoyaux.com. You can subscribe to my weekly blog, archived on my website. You’ll note there is a social commentary section of my blogs. You can also subscribe – separately – to my monthly e-news. And, my website has a very large Free Download Library with resource materials. And, finally, you can check out the various books I’ve written, described on my website.

    Storytelling — about clients and about the heroes (donors) — is absolutely essential for fundraising. You can learn lots about storytelling in fundraising (and other places) by reading Ken Burnett’s new book called STORYTELLING. And subscribe to Tom Ahern’s e-news, http://www.aherncommunications.com. And subscribe to Jeff Brooks’ blog http://www.futurefundraisingnow.com and read all the suggestions in my own blog and e-newsletter.

    Happy fundraising and happy NGOs.

  • Michelle

    This article is so amazing because it allows everyone in philanthropy to remember why they are involved in the first place. We all have our own stories and I think donors would be so amazed to hear our own story at times…

  • Simone Joyaux

    Thank you, Wendy, for your kind comments. I still love the story of Black Dress and Red Pants. Maybe I’ll add that story to this column. What do you think?

    Wait till you get to the last part. I was sad.

  • Martha Fruehauf

    A beautiful and particularly relevant article in view of what is happening at Sweet Briar College right now. We MUST be able to ensure that a donor’s most cherished wishes are honored and protected. The Board of Directors at Sweet Briar College (without justifiable evidence, and perhaps malicious intent) is attempting to close the school in opposition to thousands of supporters. The Attorney General needs to be held accountable for the protection of nonprofits in the future!