• Eugene Fram

    The ED is clearly an extreme “process person,” who inherently does not want to be evaluated on the bases of outcomes and impacts.. Unfortunately, these, often well meaning people on boards or in NFP management, either maintain a status quo or sink the organization. Dr. Conflict offers some very sound advice..

    In addition, I think the organization needs to review its governance process to make certain that the ED and organization are being evaluated on the bases outcomes and impacts, not processes. Otherwise, the board becomes a group of ‘mushroom directors” — kept in the dark covered with process reports. .

    BTW: At the risk of being seen as commercial, the following book for decades has forthrightly addressed the issue of directors who are process people and value the type of ED described above. http://amzn.to/eu7nQl


  • Greta Lint

    You have a cagey ED and a very weak board. This scenario is quite common. My suggestion is that if you are an employee, volunteer or board member, that you go in another direction. Fighting this battle will take more energy than it’s worth. Life is too short. Either find a new job or place to volunteer.